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I wanna tell you babyThat you're the one, I'm thinking of But your heart is still with her And I think she's the one that you love
I only want you to happy Even if it's not with me Maybe one day You'll open your eyes and you'll see
Yes still I'm falling Maybe I'm falling for you Baby I'm falling for you ...

I Think I'm Falling - MYMP

Gomawo :)

Thanks for yesterday, ex-93!
GWRS Putriziza!!!


Things I Want to Do if I Have a Lover

Abis iseng baca fanfiction nya Beast. Terus ketemu judulnya "Mr. Aegyo's Fake Girlfriend" tokoh utama nya Yoseob(BEAST) sama Suzy(Miss A) terus author nge-post lagu gitu... Udah dari tahun 2010 lagunya tapi baru tau sekarang, thanks author-nyah xp Aslinya dinyanyiin G.NA bareng Rain tapi lebih suka Gayoon bareng Seobbie XD